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Vic Marine Weather Forecasts
Melbourne Bays
Sea: Up to 1.5m Swell: n/a
Forecast: Wed: S 20 kts. Thu: Variable 10 kts. Fri: NW 10 kts. Sat: NW 10 kts [details]
Western Bass Strait
Sea: Up to 1.5m Swell: Up to 6.0m, SW
Forecast: Wed: S/SE 20 kts. Thu: NW 10 kts. Fri: NW 10/15 kts [details]
Northern Bass Strait
Sea: Up to 2.0m Swell: Up to 5.0m, SW
Forecast: Wed: S 15/20 kts. Thu: S 10/15 kts. Fri: W/NW 15/20 kts [details]
Eastern Bass Strait
Sea: Up to 4.0m Swell: Up to 4.0m, SSW
Forecast: Wed: S/SW 35 kts. Thu: SW 20/25 kts. Fri: W 15/20 kts [details]
Gippsland Lakes
Sea: n/a Swell: n/a
Forecast: Wed: SW 10/15 kts. Thu: W/NW 10 kts. Fri: W/NW 10 kts. Sat: W/NW 10 kts [details]
Central Gippsland
Sea: Up to 2.5m Swell: Up to 1.5m, WSW
Forecast: Wed: S 15/20 kts. Thu: W/SW 10/15 kts. Fri: W 15/20 kts [details]
Vic Coastal Wind Reports
Portland16:00 ESTSE5kt8kt
Cape Nelson16:00 ESTSE9kt13kt
Port Fairy16:00 ESTSSE8kt12kt
Warrnambool Ap16:00 ESTSSE9kt12kt
Cape Otway16:00 ESTSW7kt11kt
Aireys Inlet16:00 ESTSSW11kt17kt
Avalon Ap16:00 ESTSSW12kt16kt
Sth Channel Island16:00 ESTS16kt19kt
Fawkner Beacon16:00 ESTSSE15kt18kt
Frankston16:00 ESTSSW8kt14kt
Cerberus16:00 ESTS8kt13kt
Rhyll16:00 ESTSSW8kt15kt
Wilsons Promontory16:00 ESTSW15kt26kt
Bairnsdale Ap16:00 ESTSW7kt10kt
Orbost16:00 ESTWSW10kt15kt
Mallacoota16:00 ESTSSW16kt28kt
Gabo Island16:00 ESTSSW30kt36kt
Marine Warnings
Wed 10:22 EST Gale Warning for East Gippsland Coast. Cancellation for Central and Central Gippsland coasts

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